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What is Witchcraft?

(5 replies)

What kind of omen is rain?

(3 replies)

I haven't really tried to research on rain itself and I thought to make a question. One thing I know is that, 4 weddings I have personally been to which was raining that day, ended up in divorce…..I was prompted to ask my question because as I was standing outside today I saw two magpies flying together and I felt like saying a charm/wish. A few minutes later it rained lightly. Could that rain indicate some kind of negative message?

What love spell or love oil could I make with just these herbs? Rose Passionflower Catnip Lovage

(2 replies)

I've got them today. Only cooking oil I have is Safflower, other oils, Frankincense and Jojoba Oil. Thank you. Blessed be!

What plants have a fascinating story on how they became associated with witchcraft?

(0 replies)

Many plants that have become associated with magick or witchcraft have a fascinating history or reason they are associated with the para-normal. What plants do you know a history of that you find interesting? What is this plant used for in practice? Howd it get known and discovered? Consider its name and why it is called what it is.

What Plants Should I Plant Outside to Protect my Home?

(2 replies)

I have a patch of land near my front porch where I would like to plant some ornamental plants. Are there any plants that will bring positive magickal energy to my home if I plant them there?

What properties would a crepe myrtle branch add to a magick wand?

(1 replies)

I am trying to decide which stones to add to this branch a tree dropped for me but it's being stubborn even though I previously felt that it would be right to add stones. I am guessing the Will would be a strength of this wood but I am not sure what else.

What Should I do with my used Spell Components When I am Finished With Them?

(1 replies)

After a spell, I usually have a candle stub, or at least a pile of wax, some bits of paper, herbs, stones, ashes, etc. Is there a "proper" way to dispose of these things?

What signifigance, if any, do drugs like marijuana and poppies and such have in accordance to magic

(7 replies)

What signifigance, if any, do drugs like marijuana and poppies and such have in accordance to magic

What's the right age to start witchcraft?

(3 replies)

I'm not sure if there is a certain age to study witchcraft. Any idea?

What to do if a huge Spell fails, and how to find out why it failed?

(2 replies)

I cast a very personal Spell that has been built up to for two months, and tomorrow (which is in two hours) I will find out if it worked or not. I'm sure I did everything correctly when casting the Spell, and I have successfully cast at least one Spell before, so if this one fails, how do I find out where I messed up, and is there a way to reconcile it?

What to do when a plant grown as part of a spell dies naturally as part of its lifecycle as an annual?

(4 replies)

I performed a spell to have luck in my life grow and included planting seeds in the ritual signifying the growing luck with the growing plant. The plant is an annual and will naturally give seeds and die by winter even if brought indoors (keeping it indoors might even hurt it as it requires a lot of sun). What should I do to continue my luck after the plant's natural lifecycle ends? Will I keep the luck gained by the spell anyway? Or, will my luck die with the plant?

When I first meditated a white witch came to me and told me I am a yellow witch. What does this mean?

(2 replies)

I'm kind of new to witchcraft. When I first meditated at my alter I had made, the meditation didn't last long. In my meditative state, I walked out the front door,(a cat was following me and at the time I didn't have one), into a forest. After a few steps I saw a white ball of light that transformed into a witch. She introduced herself as a white witch. She said "you are a yellow witch and your wand needs to be magnolia wood" and just as fast as she came to me she left. I've searched and searched for more information and even reached out to a few Wiccan friends and they as well have no clue. Please help me I feel stuck in a rut for the past year trying to figure this out! Blessed Be.

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