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A charm/house warming gift for a friend?

(1 replies)

I have a friend going through a rough time. She’s moving into a new house soon and I would love to send her a gift, a charm bag, something to help give her some comfort as a house (and heart!) warming gift.

Any suggestions?

A friend of mine got angry at a girl at my school and cast a binding spell on her.

(5 replies)

A friend of mine ('Ric') got angry at a girl at my school and cast a binding spell on her. Me and my other friend ('Lina') are trying to break it but we don't know what type of binding spell he used. Is there a way to break binding spells in general?
Thank you for the help,
Fiadh Tala

After lighting sage my roommate has negative energy

(10 replies)

After I light sage in my place, I feel fantastic and safe. Although it seems to have a negative effect on my roommate, she becomes more aggressive and wants to argue. It's odd. Can someone PLEASE explain?? Am I going crazy??

Am i a magician

(8 replies)

Am I a Witch?

(22 replies)

How can I tell if I'm really a witch? I have some special abilities and I feel truly alive when I am in nature. I think I may be born into witchcraft, but I'm not sure.

Am I too old to begin my journey into the Craft?

(4 replies)

I am thirty-four years old. I have a wonderful woman, four great kids, and a job I like ( mostly). Since I was a kid, I have held a fascination for Magick and Witchcraft, reading and absorbing all I could on the subject. However, being raised in a pretty fanatical Christian household, my resources were always extremely limited, as all reading material was restricted and monitored, and smart phones and the Internet as we now know it did not exist (wait…WHAT???). I have never really fit in anywhere or with any social groups; I have been informed I'm a strange guy, as there aren't many "Magic: The Gathering" players, avid readers, or Magick practitioners on most construction sites. I've recently began extensively pursuing my interest in all paths of the Craft, and have begun actively practicing the Arts. I've found it quiets my mind, relaxes my body, and brings me much enjoyment, and I have seen results. My question, however, is this: am I too old to be just a beginner? I know many start out at a much younger age, and some spend a lifetime at study of the Magick arts. Am I wasting my time on "silly pursuits"?

Another witch at my school is most likely going to attack my coven.

(1 replies)

I started a small coven with two of my friends at the start of the school year on Mabon. One of the girls who I will call “A”, used to be friends with this one girl who I will call “M”. M turned out to be super manipulative and just an awful person, and actually discovered witchcraft because of A. Now, I am fine with anyone’s path, but M would do things that would only benefit her and is very power hungry. There are other things that happened before that I might go into, but that’s beside the point. A and I put a bind on some of her jewelry so she couldn’t hurt anybody with her magick anymore. Currently, she is likely conscious of her bind, and she has recently threatened my friend A. M has shown interest in things like demons and blood magick, which are things my coven stays far away from. M is mainly targeting A, but M most likely knows by now that I also am a witch. I introduced A to witchcraft about a year ago, and I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now. Any advice for how to protect my coven, and especially A from M?

Any advice for witches in the closet?

(9 replies)

I'm in college and I just started to learn about the world of witchcraft, but I'm not ready to tell my friends and family about it. My family is super religious and won't hear me out fro what witchcraft really is, and I'm scared if I tell my friends they'll judge me and won't really like me anymore. I've noticed when I'm doing research about alters and gathering supplies that it usually looks pretty obvious and if someone was to walk into my room, they'd know exactly what I am up to. Is there any advice you can give to someone who wants to remain hidden, but still wants to her best to grow as a witch?

Are Sabbat Dates Different in Different Parts of the World?

(3 replies)

I live in New Zealand and the date given for Imbolc, a Winter festival, falls in the middle of my summer. Are the dates different here?

Are there any "anti magical materials" that exist? Things that would reverse spells and such?

(7 replies)

I've heard how salt rings can trap spirits, and wards get rid of negative energy, but specifically, what materials, if any, are meant for weakening and/or disempowering magical entities? I'm writing a book, so I could use this for inspirational reference.

Learning to See Auras

(4 replies)

How do I learn to see Auras, I have tried and tried. What am I doing wrong. Thank You and have a blessed evening

Called to God...and magic? Advice for a very confused Christian

(2 replies)

I grew up in an areligious family but have been a committed Christian since I was 12, when God compelled me to pray one night. He has been a consistent and often blatant presence in my life since that time (I am now 32), and turning from Him in any way would feel like a profound betrayal. He carried me during my darkest times, and I wish to honor Him.

At the same time, I have felt a call to magic and the occult for as long as I can remember. As a young boy I was drawn to death, instinctively performed rudimentary spellwork (whose implications I did not understand), searched for portals to "another world," and experienced vivid precognitive dreams and occasional waking revelations. I also found that, if I wanted something badly enough, I could often make it happen by thinking about it in a certain way. These abilities were so natural that I never stopped to think whether they were "right" or "wrong." Some of the magic I worked as a teen and pre-teen was fairly heavy duty (I was self-conscious about my height, for instance, and intentionally made myself stop growing) and most of it was done without my conceiving of it as "magic."

My realization in my early twenties that the things I'd been doing since childhood were sorcery brought about a moral conflict I have never been able to resolve. It is worth noting that I was adopted, and learned in adulthood that my birthmother was a witch who came from a family of witches. Some of my spellwork practices, done in isolation and ignorance, turned out to be in keeping with some of theirs.

So here is where I stand: I trust in a God whom I believe saved me, and who has always guided me true. My faith requires me accept His will and not insert my own flawed will in its place. But I was also born with obvious magical ability and an intense draw to the supernatural. How can I reconcile these things? How can I follow Him faithfully but indulge in the magical side of me? Alternately, why would He give me a gift and then forbid me to use it? I am exasperated and confused. Any insight is much appreciated.

Can an old evil eye to bring you bad luck ?

(1 replies)

In one day i was at a jewerly repairman because some of my jewerly where broken and some of them i gave to him and he gaved me some rings that he had on a napkin. I noticed an evil eye, but i already achived the rings, and my mother observed the eye and said that if he can give me that one for free…for my surprise he agreed.
When i got home i felt so anxious and angry, and after that someone told me that is because of the eye…i really liked that eye because it looked different, not like those usual evil eyes…so when i felt the moment to trow it away, i went on the street and i saw a homeless woman and she asked for money and i put it on her hand…i don't know if it was just my mind that played things on me, but now i know i don't have it, and i'll never gonna see it again.

Can a schizophrenic be a witch?

(2 replies)

Sorry to bother, But i need to ask.
I have sever depression and schizophrenia, I wonder if I can learn magic.
I am a psychology student, preparing for applying to graduate degree in psychology. And i want to be a counselor to help people.
But my illness is an obstacle. I can hear voices.
Now i study at home and there is little pressure, and my voices, they are quiet. But i am afraid if i go back to campus,and face more pressure, they will be active again, which really bother my life.
In long history of my illness, I found i didn't really care about anything, the exception were people who need my help.
The only way to light up my frame of life is to help people.
I found divination and counselling are the ways.
And this is why i want to be a counselor.
But the thing is,even if people in psychology profession can understand me, but a few of them, especially people in clinical area can't accept me.(because of their training,they don't understand, or trust people like me)
Not to mention clients.
I want to learn magic is because I want to make my voices a gift of mine,I hope they are no more problems to me.
But base on my previous situation, I heard a lot of voices from spirits, even gods. I'm afraid that my illness will influence me. I wonder I can distinguish voices from my head or from true spirits.
Could anyone give me a guidance,please?

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