The effect of color on the psyche has long been attested by psychologists and fashion and interior designers alike. Each color has its own energy which can easily be brought to magical workings through the use of colored candles, altar decorations and altar cloths, stones and flowers of the specific color, and more. Dressing in a particular color can help you draw that color's energy into your life and align your energy with it to make subtle changes in yourself.

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The Color Black -The color black is powerful, alluring and mysterious. Wearing black makes one feel, and appear, assertive, mysterious and bold. It can also set one apart and make one seem unapproachable, unfriendly, self-absorbed. The color black is slimming, looks good with just about anything, except other dark colors and makes lighter colors appear brighter. Black can make you look either serious and conventional or sexy and mysterious.

The Color Blue -The color blue is the color of both the sky and the sea. It is calming and serene and at the same time mysterious. It is cool and calm and all business, except its most electric shades.

The Color Brown -Brown is the color of the Earth, the gentle eyes of a deer. It is a warm, nurturing color. It is the foundation of a house, the trunk of a tree; firm and solid like a mother's love.

The Color Gold -The color gold is named for the valuable metal gold. It most often represents the power of the Sun and is related to the element of fire. The color gold can be used to enhance any spell that is associated with Sun energy and adds power to symbols drawn with gold ink or paint or embroidered with gold-colored thread.

The Color Green -The color green is fresh and exciting, evoking the possibilities associated with new growth and new beginnings. The color encourages growth, forward thinking and good health. It calms the nerves and brings balance to your body or surroundings.

The Color Orange -The color orange evokes summertime fun. Days at the beach, camping, bonfires and BBQs. Orange is an active color with warm energy not quite as aggressive as red but quite a bit more so than pink. The orange candles and altar decor can be used in spells related to balance, memory, sharing, kindness, business, legal issues, ambition, uncrossing, controlling emotion, obtaining information, confidence, charm, encouragement, attraction and optimism.

The Color Pink -The color pink is gentle and feminine and evokes the scent of apple blossoms and the laughter of little girls. Pink is calming and energetic all at once. Wear the color pink to evoke youthful energy and childlike joy. Pink can be used in magic for emotional love, tenderness, conception, babies, pregnancy, romance, youth, peace, emotional healing, inner harmony, femininity and friendship. The action of the color pink is similar to that of the color red, but gentler and more muted.

The Color Purple -The color purple is royal and elegant, mysterious and powerful. It represents royalty, mysticism and the supernatural. Purple is a bold, active color.

The Color Red -The color red is bold, bright and energetic. It evokes images of passion and violence. It is the color of the sweet red rose and our very life blood. Red is used in magic for purifying the blood, for inducing lust and passion, to increase energy, power, courage, even violence.

The Color Silver -The color silver is a reflective gray color, like the metal silver. Silver reminds us of the element of water and the moon as well as the reflection of a mirror.

The Color White -The color white is clean and pure. It represents a clean slate, purity, innocence. White contains all the colors of the light spectrum and so represents completion, unity, ultimate wisdom. It is cold and clean and represents pure energy and endless possibility. It helps to create a calm atmosphere and creates a sense of cleanliness and order.

The Color Yellow -The color yellow evokes lazy summer days, sipping lemonade under the warm sun, or walking on the beach in bare feet with a warm breeze lifting your hair. Yellow is a warm color and that represents the air element in Wiccan tradition. It is the color of the intellect; of thoughts, communication, creativity, logic and progress.

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