The Book of Shadows is primarily a witch's diary. It is where he or she records spells, recipes and thoughts and dreams, it is in essence ones very own, unique, personalized and sacred grimoire, an ever evolving, encyclopedia, how-to guide, recipe book and personal journal.

In families of Hereditary traditions, The Book of Shadows may be passed down through generations and contain messages of wisdom, family traditions, age old spells & Old Wives Tales, among the rest of its contents.

Some covens or circles have a Book of Shadows the whole group shares, unlike the individual versions, the Coven's Book Of Shadows generally focuses more on outlining the core beliefs, ethics, ritual practice and initiatory records than the personal evolution ones own private Book contains.

For more information see: How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows

This is Witchipedia's online Book of Shadows serving as a reference for all of our visitors. You are welcome to contribute if you feel you have something that would be helpful to add here.

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