Ausar Auset Society - The Ausar Auset Society is a pan-African spiritual movement and religious organization based on a variety of traditional tribal cultures of Africa including, but not limited to Kamitic cosmology and philosophy based on the Egyptian Tree of Life and Ausarian1 religion of ancient Egypt. The society provides training from an Afro-Centric viewpoint on the subjects of history, yoga, nutrition, herbal lore, astrology, and Kamitic philosophy, culture, meditation and ritual. Oracle services are also available to members.

Candomblé - Candomblé means 'dance in honor of the gods' and music and dance are an important part of Candomblé ceremonies. Candomblé originated with African slaves in Brazil. It is a mixture of traditional Fon, Bantu, and Yoruba beliefs blended with a generous portion of Catholicism. Catholic saints that bore a resemblance to African deities and ancestor spirits were worshiped since slaves were persecuted for the worship of non-Christian deities. The African slaves also fraternized with the indigenous population of Brazil. The commingling of indigenous beliefs enforced the belief in ancestor worship.

Devil's Claw - Harpagophytum spp.

Voodoo - Voodoo or Vodou is a syncretic African American magico-religion with such variety that it is very difficult for sociologists to study. It has its roots in West African Vodun spirituality imported to the Southern United States along with the West African people kidnapped from their home continent and sold here as slaves. For many, their native religion was forbidden by their new masters and some were encouraged to adhere to the Christian faith instead. Some embraced Christianity and blended it with their native beliefs while others continued to practice their native religion while dressing it up in Christian disguise for the benefit of their captors. This led to a blending of two faiths that, because many slave communities were strictly isolated from others, was unique to the area in which it occurred while still holding true to its core. Thus, Haitian Voodoo and New Orleans Voodoo have some differences from one another but still also very similar, especially to the casual observer. In New Orleans the loa may be called orisha.

Witch Doctor - A witch doctor is a traditional, magical healer who specializes in preventing and treating maladies of magical or supernatural origin, including, but not limited to, those believed to be caused by witchcraft.

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