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Witchipedia and her sister sites are paid for through advertising. We run ads from Google Adsense and have little control over what happens on that banner and Google has little control over what we post. We have certain guidelines related to legality that we must follow and that's about it. We also run ads from a few select companies but these companies likewise have no control over us and we have none over them. These companies are not picked randomly. We used their services or bought their merchandise and thought "Wow, this is great, I bet our readers would like this. Let me see if they have an advertising program." Even if we didn't get commissions, we'd still probably refer you to them on occasion. These companies are not our sponsors and do not endorse us and may not even know who we are, but if you click on their links to buy stuff through one of our websites, we'll get a few pennies of the sale and hopefully we will have helped you discover something awesome as well.

These companies are:
Mountain Rose Herbs
Green Kids Crafts

Other advertising programs may be added to this list at any time.

Also, a very nice young man is using our Pagan Name Database in his Wicca Name app in exchange for a share of his earnings. If you check it out, you will be supporting us too!

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