It is necessary to run an audit on Witchipedia's pages periodically to ensure both the quality of the articles and copyright integrity. Those volunteers who assist with this tedious process have our eternal gratitude. Since we are moving all of the pages from one site to another, I figure it would be efficient to run an audit while we're at it.

Please follow as many of the following steps as you are able when auditing an article.

  • Read through the entire article. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes and awkward wording and correct them.
  • Read through again, this time look for any statements that aren't backed up with footnootes. See if you can verify them and provide a source.
  • Check for dead links. Is it possible some of the links would work properly if they were formatted correctly? Are there any words that should be linked to other pages on the Witchipedia that aren't?
  • Make sure the page has a parent. Click on "Options" then "Parent" at the bottom of the page. Each category has its own parent. Parent for category "herb" is 'main:herbs', Parent for category "def" is "main:glossary", and Parent for category "mineral" is "main:minerals-and-crystals". Anything you can't figure out, can be "home:home"
  • Check the tags. Click on "tags" at the very bottom of the page. The tags should include correspondences. For magical tools, it should have the word "tool" (and the category should be "def"), but do not use the word of a category in the tag.
  • Check for duplicate text online. Cut and paste a sentence into a search engine and see if that exact sentence comes up from another page. If it does, mark the page for a rewrite (Put the word "rewrite" in the tags) or rewrite it yourself. I don't care who is copying who, a rewrite still needs to happen. For long articles, check a few sentences this way. Don't choose sentences that are quotes, because those are likely to give you a false positive.
  • Check pictures for license information. Most of our pictures are creative commons license from flickr. The picture itself should be linked and there should be information at the bottom. Follow the link and check the license. If it's not creative commons (sometimes they change them) then the picture needs to be removed from the article. If it is, then check to make sure all relevant information is at the bottom of the page. The linked name of the picture, the owner and the license. If the picture is NOT linked, put the word "license" in the tags and I will check it. Some of these are my personal pictures.

If you can do any or even just some of the above, got to and scroll down to the category you've been assigned and click "list pages". Go.

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