The Witchipedia was originally created in 2006 and moved to the Wikidot server in 2009. It was created to be an online reference and collection of magical and spiritual information for Witches, Pagans, Heathens and anyone on a magical spiritual path.

The Witchipedia is free and will always be free. (though donations are accepted, see our Tip Jar) You will never be asked to pay for membership or the privilege of reading or sharing on this site. The Witchipedia is updated and maintained by volunteer members and its hosting fees are paid for through advertising. We regret that this is necessary and hope it doesn't interfere too much with your experience. We try to provide useful and unobtrusive ads and will never employ pop ups or annoying video ads. Likewise, we will also always try to avoid anything fancy or flashy as far as content so that the information you are looking for will load for you quickly and efficiently. See our disclosure-statement for more information about how we use advertising to pay our bills.

The Witchipedia is a collaborative, open-source resource for Pagans, witches, Wiccans and occultists providing information about Pagan and Heathen religions, past and present, the occult, magic and the magical community. We strive to provide equal treatment of all occult subjects and magical paths from high magic to low magic, the left hand path, white magic and black magic. The information here is provided for educational purposes only. You should seek out a member of the Pagan clergy to learn more about individual Pagan religions and use your own ethical judgement before performing any magic spells or enchantments or engaging in discourse with spirits or demons. This is not a guide book, merely a reference.

Our writers and editor strive to provide the most accurate Pagan, occult and magical information available but errors may occur. A "comment" feature is available on nearly every page for your convenience should you wish to provide corrections or ask for clarification on any article. Or, consider signing on as an editor or writer to help make this the biggest and best source of magical, occult, and Pagan information on the web!

Because the Witchipedia is free, our writers and editors give their time to create this resource for you on a volunteer basis out of the sheer joy of writing and sharing knowledge. Because of this, writers choose topics that they are interested in which ensures that the topic gets the most passionate and thorough treatment, but also may mean that some topics don't get as thorough and passionate treatment as others. Understand that the Witchipedia is huge and every article created creates the need for more supporting articles so that the Witchipedia will never be complete. New articles get added weekly, but still, pages are missing. Whole topics may be missing for some time. We have come to accept this and we hope you will forgive our shortcomings in this area. If you feel passionate about at topic that you feel we haven't given enough attention here and enjoy writing, we invite you to join the team.

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