How To Protect Yourself From Curses And Psychic Attack

Curses and psychic attack are negative energy directed at us from another person. This person may be a skilled magickal practitioner who has raised energy against you in a planned attack or it may simply be a person who has very negative strong feelings toward you that have "rubbed off" and "stuck" to you. While this is a scary prospect, the truth is that it is very easy to prevent this energy from staying with you for any length of time.

Required Tools:

Your positive attitude
Protective herbs, stones, incense


The most important way to protect yourself from the negative energy of others (that is what a curse is, essentially) is to always stay positive and to always be pleasant and polite to others. This seems very simple and it can also be very difficult as many of us are in the habit of worrying, complaining and stressing out over every little thing. But negative energy can be neutralized by positive energy. So, let a smile be your umbrella and a shield!

It also helps to avoid engaging with negative people. Negative energy also neutralizes positive energy, so hanging out with negative people can bring you down and make you a target. Also, if someone makes you feel nervous or fearful, you should trust your instincts. And if someone has boasted to you that they have cursed another person, rest assured they are capable of doing the same to you. The more time you spend with someone, the better they get to know you, the easier it will be for them to harm you, whether magically or otherwise.

It's not always as simple as all that, of course. There are more complicated types of spells that require more complicated countering. Love/fascination/obsession spells, for example, can be very damaging but their energy isn't purely negative. I find the energy of Mars and the waning moon to be helpful in countering this.

There are some simple spells and talismans that are used for protection against various spells. The evil eye can be countered by the hamsa or the image of an eye and many witches create a witches bottle to divert any magic sent their way.

Keeping a clean, uncluttered house prevents negative energy directed at your household from finding a place to settle and fumigation can help clear the area of any lingering negativity. Remember that nature abhors a vacuum, so fill that cleared area with joy to keep the negativity from creeping back in.

Also, watch our spells section for some simple protection spells coming soon.

Additional Comments:

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For More Information:

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