How To Make A Wand

To create a wooden magic wand for ritual and magickal applications.

Required Tools:

A branch
Sanding and carving tools, as desired
A woodburning tool, if you like
copper or silver wire or tubing, as desired
Paint, stain, varnish, as desired
Crystals as desired


1. Select a branch of an appropriate size and shape to be your wand.

  • Most associate the wand with the element of air, so it's a good idea to collect your wand materials during the planetary day of Mercury (That would be Wednesday or when the moon is in an air sign (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) but if your tradition states that the wand corresponds to the element of Fire, you may wish to use that guideline instead. Or, if you're creating a wand for a specific purpose, you may wish to time it according to your purpose. The waxing moon is always a good time for making stuff.
  • You may choose wood based on the specific purpose you may wish to use your wand for, but any wood will do for general purpose.
  • Collect your wood according to your own ethics and beliefs. Some believe that it is only ethical to collect naturally fallen dead wood, however, this is.. dead wood, and likely to be buggy and rotten. Some believe that branches should only be collected during the dormant season to reduce harm to the plant while others believe that branches collected during the active growing season are more powerful. Branches collected after a violent storm also make powerful wands.
  • About the width of your thumb and the length of your forearm is a good guideline, but select a branch that feels good in your hand.

2. Allow your branch to cure.

  • Let your branch set in a dry place with good circulation to cure for about a month, or until the next waxing moon.

3. Choose crystals, symbols and other decorate features that appeal to you (or don't).

  • If you are creating a wand for a specific use, use the time your wand is curing to collect crystals and other materials to add to your wand and symbols to decorate your wand with.
  • If you choose to place a crystal at the tip of your wand, think of this as an energy amplification device and remember that any energy that passes through that crystal will be altered by the naturally occurring energy vibrations of the crystal.
  • A stone or other object at the base of the wand can act as a grounding and storage device to hold energy before it is released from the tip.
  • Other items (besides crystals) that may be placed on your wand include acorns, pincones and beads of various shapes and colors.
  • You don't have to decorate your wand. Some people prefer a very plain, natural-looking wand.

4. Cleanse your materials

  • Use your preferred method to cleanse all your materials so you can begin with a clean slate with them and not carry over any energies from previous uses.

5. Decorate your wand as appeals to you.

  • You may strip the bark or leave it on. Stripped of bark your wand will be smoother and possibly more comfortable to hold and some will find this look more beautiful, but leaving the bark on retains the natural energetic channels of the wood and some prefer this look. You may wish to strip the bark in the handle end, and leave the shaft covered as a compromise, if you like.
  • You may sand it smooth, or leave it rough, whichever you think looks and feels best.
  • You may use a wood burning tool, carving tools or paint to make symbols or decorative patterns on your wand.
  • You may varnish or paint your wand. Varnishing your wand will give it a smoother finish and might make it feel better in your hand, or it might feel worse/sticky. Paint will lend your wand the magical correspondences of the colors, which might be useful if you're creating a wand for a specific purpose. Paint can be sticky, you may find a color stain makes for a more comfortable grip. (Don't be afraid to experiment with your options on a random stick before committing them to your wand.)
  • You can wrap the handle of your wand with ribbons or leather, to make a more comfortable grip.
  • You may use glue to attach crystals to your wand, but glue can bind up energy. It is best to use wire, if possible. Copper and silver wire are both good conductors of energy and a good choice for wands. You can also use these to create decorative patterns.
  • You may wish to drill a hole in the handle of your wand and run a ribbon through it as a wrist strap.

6. Charge Your Wand

  • Once your wand is complete, charge it into your service. You may give it a general charge "I charge this wand to aid me in the working of my Will." etc. Or a specific charge, to heal or to transmute negative energy into loving energy, etc.
  • While you're at it, give your wand a name. Its name should embody your intention for it.
  • The full moon in an air sign or a sign related to the specific purpose of your wand is a good time to do this.

7. Practice with your wand

  • The more you use it, the better it will work.
  • Practice sending energy through your wand into objects. Charge stones around your house with money-drawing or loving energy.
  • Use the wand to draw your initials in energy on objects you want to keep in your possession.
  • Use your wand to cast a circle, then absorb the energy of the circle back into your wand.
  • Wave your wand and visualize stars streaming from the tip.

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