How to Charge and Dedicate a Crystal

Charging an item before magical work imprints your intent upon the item and lets it know what it is being used for. Crystals, gemstone and other minerals, including metals, can be charged before work just like other items, but they are somewhat unique in that, like herbs each mineral's specific energies are more useful for certain work than others and so care must be taken to choose the proper mineral for the work. A mineral may be charged, used and then cleansed and charged again to a different use, or it may be dedicated to a specific use for the long term.

Required Tools:

Different traditions use different tools. Generally, a few candles are involved and perhaps a dressing oil, taking care that the mineral is not one that could be damaged by contact with the oil.


Minerals (stones, crystals, metals, gems, jewelry pieces, etc.) should be cleansed before charging or dedication (see How to Cleanse Crystals).

If you are using more than one mineral for the same purpose, (for example, you will be adding them to your collection that you use for healing, chakra balancing or divination), you may charge/dedicate multiple minerals at one time.

You may wish to observe a ritual according to your tradition with regard to preparing sacred space, and/or altar and/or candle setup as well as personal preparation.

When all is prepared, place the items to be charged on your altar or in a designated container or hold them in your projective hand.

Visualize your intention for the use of the mineral(s) and speak out loud your intention. Tell your mineral(s) what their job is and thank it in advance for helping.

Anoint your mineral(s) with a drop of oil to mark their transition from mundane to magickal object if it is safe to do so. Some minerals will be permanently damaged by oil. If this is the case, you may wish to just dip your finger in the oil and make a holy sign in the air over the crystal with that finger instead. The sign you make will vary by tradition, or you may choose a rune or symbol that coordinates with your intention.

Some may consider the process complete at this time, but some traditions require a further charging time, usually involving the application of light. Light may come from a candle, the sun, or the moon, depending on purpose or tradition. Some traditions leave the minerals in the center of a circle or cross of candles or place a candle over them, or place the minerals in a dish with a candle and allow the candle to burn out. Or the minerals may be placed in the light of the moon or sun to further charge.

Dedication versus Charging

Dedicating a mineral is charging a mineral for a long-term purpose rather than just for a specific working. The process of initial dedication is similar to the process of charging, with perhaps more solemnity, or it may take place within the context of a full ceremony. Because minerals are natural items with their own unique energetic personalities and tend to revert to neutral after awhile, dedicated items will need periodic maintenance. They should be "fed" with holy oil, holy water or liquor periodically and the dedication ceremony should also be repeated on occasion.

Some examples of minerals dedicated to specific long-term purpose include:

  • [Amulets or Talismans and various jewelry pieces meant to protect the wearer or draw luck to or enhance some personality trait of the wearer (for example, to make them my eloquent.)
  • Large crystals and clusters that will be placed in a room to harmonize the energies that flow through it.
  • Clusters and geodes kept for the purpose of cleansing other stones.

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See also How to Cleanse Crystals

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