How To Cast A Circle

This is a very generic Circle casting ritual that can be adapted to just about any purpose.

Required Tools:

A casting tool - it could be a wand, athame, staff, sword, besom or finger (or perhaps something I haven't thought of. Anything you can point with will do.)


1. Prepare your space. Clear the area of debris, purify it by whatever means suits your tradition (sweep it with a besom, fumigate, asperge, etc.)

2. You may mark out the area of your circle physically or just keep in mind where it will be. Some like to mark out the entire Circle with chalk or just mark the four "corners" of the Circle (the cardinal directions) with a candle or symbols of their corresponding elements. (or both)

3. Prepare your self by grounding and centering and/or calling the quarters(while lighting the candles you set out in your for "corners" if you did so) or just take several deep breaths and spend a few minutes meditating on what you're about to do.

4. Stand in the center of your Circle area. Invite anyone you wish to have in the Circle with you to join you with the full intention of staying until the Circle is taken down. This includes physical and non-physical people. If you're on your own, skip this bit.

5. Raise your casting tool (wand, athame, sword, staff or finger) and declare your intention to cast a Circle, detailing the purpose of the Circle. Some popular stated purposes of casting a Circle follow:
- To create sacred space
- To protect the sacred space from outside energies
- To protect the people within the Circle.
- To place the ritual area in a place "between worlds" (In order to allow easier transfer of energy)
- To create a portal between realms
- To contain the energy raised during the rite
- To contain any entities you plan to summon into the Circle.
- To keep specific entities out.
You may declare as many purposes as you like, but do so with equal intention and force and feel the energy in your belly flare with intent as you make each declaration.

6. Point your casting tool on the ground at the starting point of your Circle (this varies by tradition, many begin at the North because of its connection to the Earth - which also varies by tradition, some begin in the East where the Sun and moon rise, etc. Figure this out before you start.) Allow the energy to flow from your Center out through your casting tool to "draw" a Circle on the ground, spinning your whole body clockwise as you do so. (Alternatively, you can close your eyes and visualize the Circle forming around you, or a bubble if you prefer, while not moving at all, but make sure you feel the energy coming out from the Center of you as you do so.)

7. When you have completed your work, raise your casting tool once more and declare your intention to dismantle your Circle. Point it at your starting point again and either re-absorb or sort of suck the energy back into it and return it to your center or dissipate it while turning your body counter-clockwise.

8. Return yourself and your space to normalcy by reversing your quarter call and/or grounding and centering again, taking a few deep breaths, and/or getting something to eat.

Additional Comments:

This circle need not be reserved for "special occasions". If you feel threatened at any time, including on the astral plane, you may cast this Circle to surround yourself with protection. It can be any shape you like, including a bubble that moves as you move.

For More Information:

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