Nabu is the Babylonian God of wisdom and writing. Nabu writes the will of the Gods on the tablet of each human life.


Nabu's mother is Sarpanitum and his father is Marduk. Nabu's consort is Tashmetum.


It is believed that Nabu and Marduk were introduced to Mesopotamia by the Amorites, a Western Semetic tribe. He was known as the scribe of Marduk and later took over as the God of all scribes usurping the Goddess Nisaba. His center of worship was in Borsippa.

The name Nabu may come from the root ''nb'', meaning "to call or announce", so his name may mean "one who is called" or "one who announces".

In Babylonian astrology, Nabu was associated with the planet Mercury. The Greeks equated him with either Apollo or Hermes and the Romans associated Him with Mercury.


Symbols of Nabu include the clay writing tablet and writing stylus. He is usually depicted with his hands clasped, an ancient gesture symbolizing priesthood, and wearing a horned cap. He rides a winged dragon called Sirrush which was given to him by Marduk.

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