Mary, the virgin mother of the man-God Jesus of Christian lore is honored by many Christo-Pagans and Christian witches as a mother Goddess. She is often referred to as The Madonna. She is the Queen of Heaven, the Bride of God and the Mother of God.

Mary is associated with the moon and the constellation Virgo.

Mary is associated with other mother Goddesses, particularly Isis whose statues frequently show Her enthroned and nursing her own son Horus in similar pose as is popular to portray Mary. Some ancient statues of Isis and Horus have been re-Christened as Mary and Jesus as part of the Roman conversion from Pagan to Christian. Other Goddesses who have been associated with Mary are Cybele, Myrrha

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See also, Mary Magdalene, variously identified as the companion, handmaiden and wife of Jesus Christ.

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