Faunus is the ancient Italic agricultural God who watched over the fertility of flocks and fields who was adopted by the ancient Romans and identified with the Greek God Pan. He is also associated with wolves and the protection of flocks from their predation.

In lore, Faunus was a King of Latium, Latinus, the father of Lavinia who married Aeneaus. who was descended from Saturn and raised to Godhood after his death because of his great accomplishments in agriculture and cattle breeding in life. He is seen as a man with goat-like attributes (though these seem to have appeared mostly after his identification with Pan), often accompanied by fauns, forest place spirits (see genius) with similar appearance, and a Fauna, his female consort, often associated with Bona Dea. He occasionally impregnates various domestic farm animals to the benefit of their keepers. Strange noises coming from the forest are attributed to him.

Epithets and alternative names for Faunus include Fatuus, Fatulcus or Inuus (to penetrate, go in)- perhaps originally a distinct God of intercourse. And Lupercus "He who wards off the wolf".

Faunus is honored at Faunalia on December 5th and is associated with Lupercalia on February 15th.

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