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Thank you so much for your insight!

Re: candle magick by mayurika deb mayurika deb , 29 Oct 2019 18:08

I usually dispose of ritual items by burying them or tossing them into running water. The garbage generally ends up buried in a landfill, so I think that's a perfectly acceptable way to go. I would begin again with the second candle and not worry too much about mistakes. But remember, removing negativity is a temporary state, it's like wiping off the dust. If you're still getting dusted on, you've got to keep wiping it away. You will need to either shield yourself or remove the source. I don't recommend hurting anyone, that just causes more problems, but if you can get away from the person, that would be ideal.

Re: candle magick by morningbirdmorningbird, 28 Oct 2019 14:41

Hello there fellow witches and warlocks, season's greetings to you all! My query is relatively urgent so i will post it right away below:
This is regarding a candle prayer that i performed based on a tarot practitioner's advice. The candle prayer was one where the whole candle was supposed to burn out. It was a black candle to break any negative vibes that was sent my way. Now i got a set of two so first one burnt till the end the second one i lighted when i was again sensing some negative vibes. That one did not burn all the way and it was actually doused by the person that i was sensing the negative vibes from. Anyway i have also emailed the respective tarot practitioner but have not received a reply yet.
If anyone has any knowledge what to do with that candle or how to follow up with specific actions after that event please let me know.
P.S.- Also wanted to let you all know the mistakes i made while performing the prayer. I used the same votive. I know i am not supposed to use same candle but i thought same votive is fine but remnants of previous candle was there.
Thank you all in advance!!

candle magick by mayurika deb mayurika deb , 27 Oct 2019 20:04

I'm struggling to understand what it means when it says Mars influencing Saturn for example in the red section. Could you elaborate on what this by any chance? Thanks!

morningbirdmorningbird 26 Sep 2019 21:38
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I use a lot of candles. I use eggs and eggshells a lot and a chicken foot (but I raise poultry, so.. ), salt, olive oil, various herbs and essential oils including, sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic, basil, lavender, roses- thorns, petals, hips, lemon balm, oregano, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine needles, cayenne, black pepper, sugar, honey, vinegar, molasses, Florida water every day because I work in retail, a knife from the kitchen whenever I need one(I bought a fancy one years ago and never use it), scissors, lots and lots of mason jars, pen and paper, bits of fabric and needle and thread, pins, string and ribbon, various dirts, a broom (I have a fancy one, I use an ordinary one), a mortar and pestle (One for edible stuff, one for inedible stuff, one for strongly flavored but edible stuff), I have a cast-iron pot, though I use my crockpot much more often and this cool plate I got at the Sal that I think someone probably made as a school project. And that is,,, yep, that's it. I can't think of anything else I could possibly need.

For starting out, I would start with simple things. Meditating with a candle, writing petitions, creating sachets, jar spells. You gather tools as you need them for whatever project you are working on. No need to collect a bunch of stuff you may or may not ever need. Everyone is different.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 26 Sep 2019 21:38

alright, thank you, I'll look into that! Sorry for my misunderstandings.

by rippertearrippertear, 13 Jul 2019 20:23

Spirit Sigils are used to summon and control spirits/demons/angels/djinn. This is Abrahamic Ceremonial magick, not traditional witchcraft. I don't want to say "witches don't use binding sigils and coerce spirits to their will" because witches do what works, but if you're doing that, you're really studying it hard, because it's very specialized magick and witches don't tend to be that focused (not that that some aren't) and much of the community would really look down on that sort of practice, so we wouldn't be talking about it in mixed company. You can create a sigil to do just about any sort of spell, using Spare's Technique (there are articles for these too), but when you are using a specific sigil for a specific spirit, this is a control mechanism. That's not the sort of relationship witches usually have with familiars.

Also, witches don't generally believe in the devil (There are Christian witches who would, I imagine, and some Satanic witches do, though some Satanic witches actually don't. Most of us are Pagan and we've got our fair share of atheists and no devil there.), so you're coming here and asking us how to send a spirit back to a devil we don't believe it came from in the first place is awkward. But you can do a banishing. And there are articles about that too.

As for your specific symbol, it isn't one that is common in witchcraft. It's not to say that it isn't a spirit's sigil, though they are usually more complicated. It isn't related to any alchemical, planetary or elemental energies that I'm aware of. I am not in the business of binding spirits, so I can't say much more than that. There are hundreds of thousands of spirits with established sigils. There are lots of old grimoires with sigils in them. Goetia deals with demons and djinn and Enochian is angels, I think. might have a grimoire with binding sigils in it.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 12 Jul 2019 20:34

Yes, just did. It didn't seem to mention the symbols or sigils to contact spirit-form familiars, is that not a thing after all? If so, should I look elsewhere for an explanation to this symbol's constant appearance, or is there another name for sigil-related spirits/entities/whatever, or…?

by rippertearrippertear, 12 Jul 2019 18:03

Did you read the page about familiars on this site?

by morningbirdmorningbird, 12 Jul 2019 17:40

thank you for your answer.

thank you by black baccarablack baccara, 11 Jul 2019 21:08

It may have completely drained its power protecting you from a great danger, or it may have simply reached the end of its useful life. You may be able to cleanse, reassemble and recharge it.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 10 Jul 2019 17:34

This is a really great list! I was hoping to find something on Lovage. Do you have it listed under a different Name? Or is not in the list yet? If not, any chances it will be in the future?
Thanks a bunch!

by greenerygreen29greenerygreen29, 11 Jun 2019 22:26

When you say "the most dont do it for free".. What do they ask for? / want in return? Im fairly new to the Spirit Communication topic and always wondered if they may want something in return when giving Information etc.

by greenerygreen29greenerygreen29, 11 Jun 2019 21:57

Finally have arrived! I am in new territory here…been "here" all my life (65 Years) but have not been here… Now is the time.
Would appreciate a helping hand or quite frankly anything to help me on a path I should have been on eons ago!
Much thanks..

I love to give houseplants to people! There are many different plants that are magical, meaningful and protective. I am a big fan of a potted rosemary. If their zone is appropriate they can always plant the rosemary outside if they like, but it does well in a pot in a sunny window too. Rosemary stimulates the mind and the memory, cleans the air and smells refreshing.

Another item you may choose is a crystal prism that hangs from the ceiling. These cause delightful dancing rainbows and breaks up stagnant and negative energy in the house.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 09 May 2019 16:47

This is yet another example of what makes Witchipedia such an important part of my daily life! There are so many new things I’ve learned here that I’d never even heard of before. This information is truly invaluable. Thank you!

I love this! by MistressOfChaosMistressOfChaos, 07 May 2019 01:36

I am not allergic i drink sage tea sometimes i don't think it's smoke thing to because i occasionally smoke cigarettes i burn other herbs to only when i burn sage i get a headache

by black baccarablack baccara, 06 May 2019 20:34

You might be allergic to sage or have a sensitivity to smoke. Are you using good ventilation? Have you tried burning something different?

by morningbirdmorningbird, 06 May 2019 10:22

Um. Witches are human.
Contacting your ancestors is sort of a gray area between magick and religion and the answers are usually going to be based on some sort of faith. I honor my ancestors, and when I contact them it's usually to give thanks and sometimes to ask for advice, but not favors. The thing about ancestors (according to my religious belief) is that they generally want to help out their descendants anyway. Evolution, after all. Most of my ancestors were Christian, but I"m not sure the dead are religious. After all, religion is all about faith and belief in the unknown, but the dead have already gone and have it sorted.

As for asking any spirits for help with spells. The whole point of a spell is to overcome the material part of ourselves that interfere with the direct connection to the energy of the Universe. Spirits, including the dead, are made of energy. They don't need witchcraft.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 30 Apr 2019 21:25

As a farmer for just the past five years, I have learned the hard way that the best thing you can do for a pregnant animal is to leave it alone and let nature take its course. That being said, your question seems to require a two-part answer. One for the pregnancy and one for the pet.

For the general protection of a pet, many people use a charm on their collar. Both pentagrams and St Francis medals are popular.

As for the pregnancy, moonstone is a wonderful stone to use for pregnancy and onyx eases pain and panic and gives strength during childbirth and bloodstone encourages healing afterward. Nutritional support is also very important. I am usually dealing with veggi-eaters, so oat straw and nettles are my go-tos, but for an obligate carnivore, I am thinking oily fish and a bit of liver now and again, though cats tend to be picky.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 16 Apr 2019 18:02
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