What do I do about after-spell activity?

I am comfortable with spell casting and though I've not done this one before, I'm sure I did it right. I cast a seemingly successful protection/reversal spell. I planned to bury the remains in the back yard so I put them in a box to carry them out. An audible tapping began in the box. At first I assumed it was a settling sound but it continued in a way I can't explain. I didn't know what to do. It honestly frightened me because I have been dealing with some serious negativity and felt it might be trying to stay in some way. I opted to tape the box until I could find out if I should handle it differently. On one side of the box it went fine. On the other, it would accept the tape then appear to "jump" open. Again I can't explain. I finally succeeded in getting it taped closed and noticed a small chunk cut out of my finger bleeding profusely. It was frightening so I put the box on the back porch and saged the house so much I set off the smoke alarms. Now I'm questioning what I'm dealing with and what to do about it. I'm a solitary practitioner so I have no one to ask and I'm not finding a similar occurrence in books or threads. Does anyone share a similar experience or have any wisdom to share about this? Thank you!

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