The last 2 guys that ive talked to in the past have gotten into bad accidents

I talked to a guy months ago and we talked for a while and we were supposed to go out but all of a sudden he changed his mind and the next day went out with his ex and told me he was sorry but he loved her, and i really liked him and i was upset for awhile but we remained on good terms. But about 2 weeks later he got into a really bad accident and broke both of his legs. Now fast track to maybe a month after that i met someone else he was everything and i was so into this guy and we moved in together but it was "complicated" because he wasn't ready for a relationship yet. All of a sudden he is never home anymore he's always gone. He comes back and tries to explain something i couldn't understand cause to me he wasn't making any sense. He leaves again and i haven't seen him in a few days… later to find out he ask a girl out and has been with her. I kick him out, but later we talk it out and i get over it. Mostly cause i knew something like this was going to happen but i still chose to go forward with it. But once again 2 weeks later he gets into a really bad accident, he sends pictures and they are bad and now he has a scar on his face, which is super ironic because of how vain he was and even mentioned of it didn't heal he would kill him self but its still there an low an behold he is still among us. Anyway, I haven't been with anyone since mostly cause i'm scared of getting hurt or worse the next guy who hurts me to get seriously hurt. I dabble in a little magic and was wondering if it might of been anything i might of done? Even though i promise with all my heart i never wish for anything like that to happen to them.

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