Symbolic witch dream interprentation help..

Dear witches, although I dont post as often as I would like to, I have always appreciated the insight this site offers. I had a dream last night which I think is quite symbolic for a witch but find it challenging to come up with a clear explanation…I dreamt I was out in the sea on a rock and a woman/bird flew and landed in front of me-she had a human body but her back was all covered with magpie feathers-mostly black and white. Then she started caressing and feeding a bird (which was not a specific breed bird) and I felt I wanted to do the same..but as I approached to touch the bird, it turned and bit a piece of my forefinger. I looked at it and saw that a small piece of flesh was bitten off and was dissapointed and shocked by the bird's hostility.
I have looked up what a magpie symbolizes but just the feathers on a woman/bird and the bird biting my finger off, is difficult for me to explain. Any insight on this dream?

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