Might have inherited a familiar- what do I do?

Should probably start with introducing myself. I am by no means a wiccan, I am a Christian, and while I do somewhat believe in the occult, and y'all're free to do as you please, I'm not sure I'm necessarily willing to practice it myself, depending on exactly how it works.

So, one day, I noticed something rather conspicuous. Everywhere I went, I noticed a very specific shape, everywhere, almost as it it was following me- that is, a circle with three lines across it. I've taken the time to document several situations in which this happened- other people's t-shirts, logos for hotels near me, television shows (namely the logo for Allsafe Cybersecurity on Mr. Robot), video games (the logo for 50 Blessings in Hotline Miami, for example), and even more inexplicable cases, such as when I bit into a hard-boiled egg, and the yolk separated into three clear, parallel sections across the middle, or when we moved, and found a trampoline frame underneath our porch while we were tearing it out, and my father decided to assemble it, and lay three boards across it, even according to himself, for no reason. This symbol, and minor variations off of it, seems to be everywhere. I've researched this symbol, and it doesn't seem to have any sort of meaning. The closest I could find was something along the lines of a native american religion that used symbols of a circle, a circle with one line across it, and a circle with two lines across it, but not three.

Then, one day, around Halloween, I was in a spooky mood, and bought a cool fake crow, to have around. At one point I joked to a friend that it was my familiar. Later, I realized I should probably look up what a familiar actually is, just in case I was mistaken and it meant like 'bestial consort' or something I don't intend to say. The source I found said something about the fact that familiars are summoned and called using a specific symbol or sigil, and can be inherited from ancestors. It was then that I recalled this circle sigil that has been present in my life, and the fact that I have an ancestor who was burned as a witch. (side note- this ancestor was a great grand-aunt, around the 1500's, in the netherlands. She was deemed a witch because, after she borrowed a goat, it stopped giving milk. She might not have been a witch, but who knows, maybe that was the first thing they could really pin on her, and everyone already knew she was a witch.) Is it possible that I have inherited a familiar from this ancestor, and if so, what does that mean? I've read that a familiar will always help their witch or 'clever fellow' (the term they used, I think?) or whatever with anything they are doing, and are an imp sent by the devil- how inclusive is 'everything'? as I've mentioned before, I am a Christian, and while I do believe in the occult, I do intend to live my life according to Christian values. If a familiar could help me in this, that would be great, but if not, and their allegiance it first to the devil that sent it, or something, how would I go about dismissing it, or sending it back to its devil, or whatever? And how exactly does inheriting a familiar work- has it already happened, or do I need to formally accept it somehow? can I command it, and if so, how, and what are the restrictions of this? this year, I held a small Walpurgisnacht party, just to be Halloweeny, and shortly after midnight, a large black cat appeared in my yard, made direct eye contact with me, and walked into the woods near my house shortly afterwards- I know Walpurgisnacht is a pretty witchy holiday, could this have been my familiar, or something to do with it?

Any information or help is welcome, thank you in advance!

Edit: neglected to add, I do have an album of photographed sigils on my phone, and I could post it somewhere, if you would like, or if that could help, or anything. There aren't many, just 27, and I'd probably have to cut it down so as to avoid revealing personal information about me or those near me. There have been many more I haven't had the chance to photograph, such as while driving, or on a stranger's clothing, or the like.

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