Pennies from Heaven or…

Long one here but I feel detail is important.

Well… Here goes: I see stuff.all the time. Corner of my eye etc. Pennies and dimes entities (?) leave me - tho I was never convinced of the pennies til last week when I was sobbing; "why won't you help me?!" kind of thing. That day I stopped crying and got in the shower, ate lunch, felt better, didn't think on it til I went upstairs and there on my bed was a fng PENNY. Right in the middle.

Ok I said. I get it, you're there. What or who you are I dunno but thanks for listening..

Yesterday, I just got the feeling I should write a letter. I should tell you that a) it's addressed to to who or what I'm not sure. Spirit, angels, whatever it is I should call what I feel us there when I pray or connect. And b) I've written these before, shorter versions, and the one I burned and buried came true…

So yesterday I wrote another letter, then read it aloud. Asked for help with x, said thanks, then put it aside. Didn't think much of it really just a sense of completion.

Some time passed I ended up taking a nap.

I woke up to blinding, flashing light where I'd left the letter. I looked out the window like it was car lights, nothing there. The lights were in working order. I thought the house was on fire (the electric would go haywire right?) but nothing.

There was no logical reason for the light.. Except… Well.. This entity that I have asked for help from that leaves me pennies.

What do you think other than I'm nuts…

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