Am I disrespecting the Pentgram?

I've taken the name Aster Carrick and, as Aster means star (as well as daisy), it came to me that I could sign my name using a Pentagram for the A in Aster. To make this work properly in writing I would need to write it as follows: Starting at air, draw down to earth and then continue round to air to complete, then link this to the "s" in Aster.
Two questions - firstly, is this frowned upon to do such a thing? I'm brand new to this and don't want to be disrespectful or seem arrogant.
Secondly, if I draw a pentagram in that way - and not protected by a circle - what is its significance? The best I could find on an online trawl is that I am "banishing" spirit, which doesn't sound very positive. Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated!

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