Idea's on writing witchcraft into a story?

Hello, i'm a simple author who is incorporating elements of magick and the occult into a book i'm writing, and I'm trying to be correct and well researched on the topic, but i, myself, am not at all affiliated with magick, nor do i have much prior knowledge on the topic. I understand that you don't like the, "is there a spell for this?" sort of question, and i'm trying to avoid that situation as a whole, but you see i have very little information on the subject and all prior research i've done has given me nothing to work with. I'm attempting to write in a spell that has to do with using an object, (in my particular case, it's a mask) that traps a person's conscious mind and spirit within their body in the interest of keeping them from sharing information that they have. The idea of the spell is to keep the person from actually dying, but also at the same time somehow keep them from being alive? This spell is something that can withstand the test of centuries worth of time, and will remain intact until it's actively broken, as is the case with many spells, I'd imagine. I was wondering if perhaps this forum would have suggestions as to names of spells or simply spells in general that would be accurate to the situation, and also if someone knew of a good spell that i could write in as a reversal for this spell. Thanks so much,
-Simple author.

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