I lost my familiar..Does this mean something?

It's been about 5 days my male neutered cat has been gone. I am in tears and very sad… I've had him for almost two years and he was such a good cat. I'd spoil him with lots of TLC and the food he preferred. He spoke to me like no other cat. He understood me completely and I the same. He was and in/out cat. He was sleeping during the daytime inside my home (after he'd have his morning meal) and then after he'd wake up in the afternoon, he'd play with me or just cuddle and then before midnight he would ask me to go outside (until the next morning). This was his routine in summer time. I know he might have gone exploring but..5 days???….He is also a neutered male so why is he gone that long? I am really worried that something bad happened to him but avoid thinking about it all the time and hope he'll return. I went out looking for him and posted his photo in certain locations in the area. Could his sudden absence mean something for me?? Am I about to face some kind of new turn in my life? or could this be a bad omen or something??

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