I have been cursed for something I did not do. How do I reverse it?

Recently, an I went to visit an old accomplice. We discussed magic among other things. He said he only did white magic (as I do) but something led me to believe he wasn't entirely telling the truth. A week or so later, he accused me of stealing some kind of crystal or plant, i'm not entirely sure what he was even talking about. I truly believe the harm none rule and stealing crystals has to be the worst karma. He said I was the only person who had been near his home recently that he knew of. He told me if I did not give it back he would curse me. I told him many times before cutting off contact that I could never do such a thing, I am not that foolish. For years, I had terrible sleep paralysis, before I began practicing magic around 6 months or so ago. I had interesting dreams at times I pay close attention to, but tonight I had possibly the worst sleep paralysis attack I have ever had. I could not breathe. I felt as if something was sitting on my chest and choking me. A close friend was hanging out at my house and kept talking to me like everything was fine (all of this was part of my dreamlike state). Everytime I would try to get up and go towards the door, I felt as if I was walking underwater.. trying to scream out my mother's name and no words would come out of my mouth because my throat hurt so bad. This happened about 5 times over before I finally woke up, same scenario every time, just worse each go around. I truly believe this person has cursed me. Here is my question ~ how do I know if he has cursed me? what must I do to remove the curse? and is this possibly due to something else since I did not in face steal his crystal? Please let me know your thoughts.. my chest still hurts. Blessed be sisters. Hope all is well on your end.

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