I am dating a witch. She is affecting me. How can I make the experience more rewarding for her?

Getting right into it!

I am dating a witch. I'm not magickally inclined myself but things have happened that I would like clarification on.

This has happened twice now. I'm a steadfast skeptic, or I was until recently. She called it projection but the only information I can find is of the astral variety and this doesn't seem to fit that.

One minute I'm sitting there, the next minute I can feel her on me. I can smell her, feel her, what she's feeling, and experience a very strong euphoria. It's very intense, sudden, and lasts varying lengths of time. It feels very intimate and I love the experience. She seems to be able to feel when I feel it. Uh… not to get too detailed but it's not a sexual experience in nature though I can feel that energy in there. It's just a closeness and connection.

Can any light be shed on what this is? Is there anything I can do to enhance the experience for her? She's a bit cryptic about the whole thing so I thought I would reach out and try to learn more. I really want to know if there's stuff I can do to make it better for her… whatever it is that she's doing.

Thanks in advance!


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