Dream where I met a possible mentor?

I live in a city so trains are my lifeline, I use them every single day, just for some background info. I had a dream recently that I was carrying too many things and I had left something behind after getting off the train and switching to another line. I was super upset but an older woman (in her 60-70s definitely crows feet and grey hair but her back was straight and she smiled often) held up the bag I had left on the train. She never actually outright said it but I knew she was some type of witch. She seemed like an ordinary woman but had this air of intelligence and a little bit of mischief. She didn't speak much either, but somehow I understood when she gave me a look or a smile what she was trying to convey. I was really happy being on the train with her and I am not the type to really talk to strangers no matter how pleasant they may seem. I was sad when I realized I had to get off the train and I said goodbye, but when the train left, a message was sent to my phone and it was her. She sent me a friend request on some game app which was sort of that mischievous personality I mentioned. I guess my question is, how do I figure out if this was just a dream or something more? I'm new to all this so what might be good options for the next step?

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