Can an old evil eye to bring you bad luck ?

In one day i was at a jewerly repairman because some of my jewerly where broken and some of them i gave to him and he gaved me some rings that he had on a napkin. I noticed an evil eye, but i already achived the rings, and my mother observed the eye and said that if he can give me that one for free…for my surprise he agreed.
When i got home i felt so anxious and angry, and after that someone told me that is because of the eye…i really liked that eye because it looked different, not like those usual evil eyes…so when i felt the moment to trow it away, i went on the street and i saw a homeless woman and she asked for money and i put it on her hand…i don't know if it was just my mind that played things on me, but now i know i don't have it, and i'll never gonna see it again.

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