Can a schizophrenic be a witch?

Sorry to bother, But i need to ask.
I have sever depression and schizophrenia, I wonder if I can learn magic.
I am a psychology student, preparing for applying to graduate degree in psychology. And i want to be a counselor to help people.
But my illness is an obstacle. I can hear voices.
Now i study at home and there is little pressure, and my voices, they are quiet. But i am afraid if i go back to campus,and face more pressure, they will be active again, which really bother my life.
In long history of my illness, I found i didn't really care about anything, the exception were people who need my help.
The only way to light up my frame of life is to help people.
I found divination and counselling are the ways.
And this is why i want to be a counselor.
But the thing is,even if people in psychology profession can understand me, but a few of them, especially people in clinical area can't accept me.(because of their training,they don't understand, or trust people like me)
Not to mention clients.
I want to learn magic is because I want to make my voices a gift of mine,I hope they are no more problems to me.
But base on my previous situation, I heard a lot of voices from spirits, even gods. I'm afraid that my illness will influence me. I wonder I can distinguish voices from my head or from true spirits.
Could anyone give me a guidance,please?

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