Another witch at my school is most likely going to attack my coven.

I started a small coven with two of my friends at the start of the school year on Mabon. One of the girls who I will call “A”, used to be friends with this one girl who I will call “M”. M turned out to be super manipulative and just an awful person, and actually discovered witchcraft because of A. Now, I am fine with anyone’s path, but M would do things that would only benefit her and is very power hungry. There are other things that happened before that I might go into, but that’s beside the point. A and I put a bind on some of her jewelry so she couldn’t hurt anybody with her magick anymore. Currently, she is likely conscious of her bind, and she has recently threatened my friend A. M has shown interest in things like demons and blood magick, which are things my coven stays far away from. M is mainly targeting A, but M most likely knows by now that I also am a witch. I introduced A to witchcraft about a year ago, and I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now. Any advice for how to protect my coven, and especially A from M?

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