Selenite is a crystalline form of gypsum. It is a soft, transparent crystal of calcium sulfate dihydrate that is usually colorless and transparent, though impurities can cause color and opacity in some specimens, opaque white Selenite is often seen. Selenite crystals are often columnar, but can also occur in tabular sheets. These have been used as window panes, like glass. An example of this can be seen in the Basilica of Saint Sabina in Rome.

Similar crystals, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are sometimes referred to as selenite as well.

The name Selenite is derived from Selene, the Hellenic Goddess of the Moon.

Using Selenite

Selenite may be used during meditation, just to help calm the mind or to open prophetic pathways and to aid in communication with the divine and the higher self. Selenite is also a protective stone that helps to dispel negative energies and dark moods, remove energy blocks and promote the free flow of positive energy. This makes it a handy defense against psychic attack and negative energy in the environment and an effective aura cleanser.

Selenite can be used to cleanse and activate your other crystals. Just place your selenite in the same container as another crystal and leave them together overnight. Some people fill a shallow bowl with selenite powder or selenite chips to place their minerals in to cleanse and recharge them. Or you can get a sheet of selenite to set them on.

The energy of Selenite corresponds to Water and the Moon.

Caring for Selenite

Selenite is a soft mineral and should not be submerged in water for any length of time. If you selenite is physically dirty, you can rinse it off and allow it to air dry. If it is really dirty, use a soft toothbrush. For energetic cleansing, smoke is a better choice for selenite- though selenite is pretty much self-cleansing. It is also self-charging, though you can charge it by the light of the moon if you like.

Because selenite is so soft, I recommend you store it separately in a soft cloth, not in a big bag with all your other stones.