description: 'Please excuse the question if this offends you, I have no knowledge of witchcraft or any other spiritual type of practice. My brother age 22 (9 at the time) and sister age 20 (7 at the time) describe a time when they were younger where they walked in to the house after school and were grabbed by 3 people and tied to chairs back to back. They say these people wore long masks and were dressed in weird "native american looking robes". The people circled them while chanting and singing. They could not understand what they were saying. This lasted for approximately 15 minutes. After the chanting stopped the people left the room. Immediately after, our stepmother walked in, untied them and acted as if nothing had happened. My sister has had nightmares about this ever since. Aside from this incident our step-mother has never practiced any sort of religion or belief that we are aware of. They have asked her about it and she denies any of it ever happening. Have you ever heard or read anything about this? Again, please excuse my complete ignorance of witchcraft. I mean no disrespect.'