A wand, or a rod, is a stick that has been carefully gathered and prepared to be used for ritual work. They are associated with masculine energy and the element of air or fire depending on the tradition. Wands are used for pointing and focusing energy, and for stirring. A wand may also be used to represent the masculine principle during ritual.

Some people make wands out of metal or glass. Copper is a preferred metal because it conducts energy well. Many people make wands out of wood, especially the wood of sacred trees. Crystal wands are also used, most often by energetic healers. Whatever they are made out of, they are usually decorated with magical symbols and crystals to increase their beauty, make them more personal to the user and enhance the user's magical energy. However, many also prefer to use a simpler wand, which to the casual observer may resemble nothing more exciting than a smooth stick, crooked or straight.

How to use a wand

To Direct Energy
While a wand is not necessary to direct energy, many magic-users find it helpful. A wand can be used to send energy outward, or to draw energy into the wand.

To send energy outward, you must learn first to build up the energy in your body and send it through your sending hand into your wand. From there, a "beam" of energy can be sent from the point to your desired goal. This method is often used to draw a circle for protection or to trace symbols to create wards. The energy you send through the wand should be charged for your purpose before you send it through, though wands can be created with specific energy in mind; with materials chosen for specific purpose and charged ahead of time toward this purpose.

Energy may be drawn into the wand for healing purposes (drawing negative energy out of a body, for example) or to draw energy from one area into another (for example, to draw energy raised by a group of people in a Circle and send it into an object or ward). Negative energy drawn into a wand is generally transmuted before being released and the wand cleansed before it is used again.

As a Beacon or a Ward
A wand can be charged with the energy of your intention which can then be gathered at the tip and raised aloft to act as a beacon or a ward.

A beacon is a signal to attract attention. When you hold your wand aloft, its tip "aglow" with energy, it attracts attention on an energetic level and says "hey, look over here!". This method is wonderful to use for summoning entities and a wand is often held aloft for this purpose during summoning rituals, evocations and invocations.

A ward works similarly, but the message it's sending is "stay away". In this case, the energetic "glow" of the wand serves to ward off energies and entities.

To Symbolize the Male Principle
Various rituals in some magico-religious practices involve the symbolic union of male and female (i.e. The Great Rite) and, though the athame or sword is more popular for these, the wand may be used to symbolize the male principle for these rituals.

For those of us who garden as part of our magickal practice, a wand can be used to poke a hole in the soil when planting seeds as a potent symbol of the male principle penetrating the female principle to bring forth new life.

Crystal wands for energetic healing
Crystal wands are most often used for energetic healing. These are wands fashioned from solid stones or several stones joined together. The crystals are chosen for their specific healing abilities and the energy of the crystals are integral to the healing.

A crystal wand may first be used to scan the aura to seek out blockages and the source of dis-ease. As the crystal wand is moved over the body, through the aura, it will signal the practitioner (signals vary; vibration, a heaviness, a resistance may be felt) where there is a problem.

To draw out negative energy and blockages, the wand is pointed away from the affected area. Some wands have a rounded end that can be massaged into the affected area, but this is not necessary for this particular application. The energy is drawn from the affected area and out the tip of the wand to the Universe. As it passes through the crystal, it is neutralized.

The wand is pointed at the patient to send energy into the affected area, much the same way a witch's wand is used to send and direct energy.

How to Make a Wand
How to Prepare Magickal Tools for Use

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