A statement of intent is the verbalized purpose of an action or spell.

A good spell begins with a statement of intent and the statement is often woven into incantations or used to create sigils using Spare's Technique. In all cases, the intent of the spell, clearly stated, is the foundation of the work.

A good statement of intent looks somewhat like an affirmation. It is a positive statement clarifying the intention of the spell (or other activity) based on the Will of the person performing the spell. It should be as clear and concise as possible.

For example. If someone wishes to do work to increase the money they have coming in, their intention may simply be "My wealth increases" or it may be more specific "I am a registered nurse earning at least $75,000 per year in a pleasant environment less than 15 miles from my home." or something in between "I have many clients who place high value on my work."

None of these statements include the words "I wish", "I want" or "I hope". Stating the intention: "I wish for $1000" is certain to successfully result in the continued, indefinite wishing for $1000. It is acceptable to include the prefix: "It is my Will" as in "It is my Will that I receive $1000 this month." or "I Will receive $1000 this month." assuming you know the two statements to mean the same thing.

There are different schools of thought as to how specific or general a statement of intent should be. Some believe that more specificity is desirable because it limits the likelihood of unanticipated negative results. On the other hand, giving the Universe a little wiggle room allows it to take the path of least resistance to accomplish your goal. Since the path of least resistance to $1000 could be the result of an insurance payment or an inheritance, it pays to put some thought into your statement of intent and construct it somewhere between very specific and very general. Some recommend appending "with harm to none" to the end of your statement as a sort of blanket insurance policy.

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