According to the most modern definition, a spell is focusing energy to achieve a goal, but spells were traditionally written or spoken, the power of words being paramount. Although ritual movements and other actions probably accompanied historical spells, more attention is paid to those than seems to have been in the past. Still, most spell-workers will agree that speaking your statement of intent out loud or writing it down is a very important part of any spell, though sometimes it is necessary for the purposes of privacy to "think" the words, rather than say them.

A spell is intentional magick. Most commonly, it implies a combination of words and actions combined in a symbolic way to bring about a magical result, but spells can come in many different forms.

To cast a spell to create a mojo bag to draw prosperity to you, assemble your ingredients and declare your intent out loud as you assemble them, perhaps in a rhyming or singsong chant, or simply as a firm declaration.

The act of mixing together ingredients chosen for the metaphysical properties into a meal that you will then eat in order to bring about a change in yourself or your situation is a spell, especially if you sing or chant while mixing and declare your intent over the finished product.

The act of casting a circle, with the accompanying verbal declarations, and raising energy to send out into the universe to accomplish a goal is a spell.

The act of creating a sigil, declaring its purpose aloud, raising energy through sexual intercourse and sending that energy into the sigil to create a talisman to protect and strengthen your marriage is a spell.

The act of creating an invisible shield around a loved one, purely through visualization, is a spell also.

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