A prayer is an address to a higher power, usually deity, but prayers are also offered to the Universe at large or fortune in the form of a fervent wish.

Many magick users may offer prayers to their personal deities or the Universe at large for a variety of reasons. They pray for clarity and guidance or for deity to intercede in a matter, to assist with magical working or divination. Or they may simply pray to maintain their connection to deity or as a form of meditation.

Many magic users offer daily prayers of gratitude as a form of honor to deity or they may offer these prayers as an energetic exercise to help them maintain a joyful and grateful outlook in order to encourage more blessings to flow to them.

Prayers may also be used as spells or parts of spells. There are many old spellbooks that call for prayers to be recited as part of the ritual, including the Lord's Prayer and various Bible verses.

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