More commonly (but less correctly) known as the Voodoo Doll, poppets are images that represent individuals for use in sympathetic magic spells. A poppet may also be fashioned represent an idea or a situation and be used as a sort of amulet to attract that which it represents.

Poppets can be made out of wax, cloth, plant material, clay, paper mache or any other material on hand. It's often preferred to make them out of something flammable so they can be destroyed when you are done with them, but this isn't necessary. Clay can be crumbled and returned to the Earth or tossed into moving water to dispose of a poppet.

A poppet made of an individual may be made to resemble that person or bound to them with a taglock or both. Once complete, it is ceremonially named for the person and then actions performed on the poppet are said to affect the person for whom the poppet has been named. Poppets can be used for curses and spells to harm or control the will of another and in binding spells and love spells as well as healing spells.

A poppet fashioned to represent an idea or intention is created much like a sachet or mojo bag, decorated with colors, stones, buttons and other items that represent the intention and stuffed with corresponding herbs and carried or hung up as an amulet. Such a poppet may also be awakened and interacted with like a servitor if a witch wishes to take it that far.

Poppets are also known as dollies
Also related fetish, effigy

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