An out of body experience is the experience of leaving your body. Many report a sensation of floating or flying and some report viewing their body from the outside.

This is often abbreviated OBE or OOBE. (Some pronounce this like OO bee.)

Out of body experiences may be intentional or accidental. Accidental OBEs may occur when the subject is in a relaxed, dream-like state; while he is starting to drift off to sleep or as the result of a drug. OBEs have also been reported as a result of a serious injury or trauma and in this way has been seen as a sort of defense mechanism, removing the consciousness from the physical vehicle that is suffering the trauma. OBEs have also been reported by individuals who suffered physical death and were then revived.

Out of body experiences can be purposely stimulated by using various trance-inducing techniques, meditation and visualization. Many techniques and a few gadgets have been devised to encourage this phenomena, including the Golden Dawn's Body of Light Technique1, meditation music incorporating bineural beats designed to synchronize brain waves and the God Helmet, a device that floods the brain with magnetic fields (not originally designed for this purpose)2.

Recommended Reading

Apparitions by George N. M. Tyrell
The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel

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