In astrology, a mutable sign is one that is changeable, adaptable or can be adjusted.
Zodiac signs are categorized in a number of ways including by quality. Zodiac qualities are fixed, cardinal and mutable. Mutable signs occur toward the end of a season and symbolize the changes associated with the close of the season. Each mutable sign is associated with a different element representing how the change comes about.

Sagittarius End of Autumn - fire - active change through seeking new knowledge and experiences.
Pisces End of Winter - water - change through absorbing information from others taking emotion into account.
Gemini End of Spring - air change through collecting and sharing new ideas.
Virgo End of Summer - earth change through cleansing, purification and healing.

All mutable signs are restless, active and proactive and good in a crisis. They may also tend thrive on drama and chaos. They are resourceful and make good use of new information, easily adapting to any new situation. But they often do not have a very firm sense of their own identity.

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