Word Usage

The word Heathenry is used in two ways. The first is to designate a specific polytheistic reconstructionist path based on aboriginal Germanic tradition. The second is to refer to any polytheistic reconstructinist path based on aboriginal traditions from Western Europe including the British Isles, Scandinavia and mainland Germany. These include Odinism, Asatru, Forn Sior and, sometimes, certain forms of Druidry.

One who adheres to these faiths usually self designates as Heathen.

Moral and Ethical Codes

Many Heathens look to the Poetic Eddas and the Havamal among other texts for guidance. The Nine Noble Virtues, adopted by the Asatru Folk Assembly and the Odinic Rite were taken from these.

Heathen Organizations

A listing of Heathen organizations worldwide can be found at http://www.irminsul.org/as/aswkind.html

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