The term fluffy bunny originated within the Wiccan community and is generally used in a derogatory manner to refer to someone who self-identifies as a Wiccan or a witch but does not seem serious enough or knowledgeable enough to other, more experienced members of the community.

Generally, the "fluffy bunnies" have based their practice on only the most delightful aspects of their spiritual path or romanticized, fictional Hollywood or literary accounts of witchcraft or Wicca. The name fluffy bunny is generally pinned to individuals with a very high level of enthusiasm, but a low level of experience. Folks who see Wicca or magick as a fashionable adventure, rather than a serious craft or religion.

In many cases, the fluffy bunny is a newbie. Someone who really wants to be Wiccan, or a witch, for whatever reason, but doesn't know how and is trying based on poor information sources and unknowingly embarrassing themselves by eagerly bringing up the pet peeves of the more experienced folks around her/him.

Since most people get their magical education from books or the internet these days, many folks some time in their lives as fluffy bunnies.

Alternatively, particularly among Wiccans, the term fluffy bunny may be applied to someone who self-identifies as Wiccan and uses Wicca to further their own agenda, for selfish purposes or in violation of Wiccan laws. Generally, folks who make Wiccans "look bad".

The term fluffy bunny is not a politically correct one and the magical community at large has grown more tolerant of newcomers and eclectic paths and less tolerant of elitism. Folks are now more likely to attempt to correct misconceptions than to insult the ignorant.

Although the above usage of the term has largely died out, fluffy bunny has enjoyed something of a revival of late among non-Wiccan magickal practitioners, this time to insult Wicca in general and its practitioners as a whole. There are those who consider Wicca to be a softer, gentler form of magick, that rejects or ignores the deeper, darker aspects of magick explored by other paths.

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