Dianic Wicca is a branch of Wicca that focuses on feminist values and the worship of the Goddess Diana, often to the exclusion of any male God. There are a few different traditions that call themselves Dianic Wicca or Dianic Tradition.

Dianic Feminist Wicca Witchcraft Tradition

Dianic Feminist Wicca Witchcraft Tradition was established by Zsuzsanna Budapest in California in 1971 and continues to be influential today. It is a woman-centered tradition that excludes men from its rituals and mysteries. This tradition has been criticized as separatist and focused on lesbian sexuality, but this is not the case. Instead, it focuses on women's mysteries and simply believes that men have other mysteries they should be focusing on.

Sexual orientation is of no consequence, though the tradition does seem to reject transgender women as their rituals at PantheaCon have been limited to "genetic women only"1.

Women who embrace Dianic Feminist Wicca Witchcraft Tradition may also engage in rituals with their male counterparts, husbands and sons who also serve The Goddess.


by Zsuzsanna Budapest

by Ruth Barrett

McFarland Dianic Tradition

Also called the Old Dianic Tradition was created in the '70s by Morgan McFarland and her partner Mark Roberts. It has similarities to other Dianic Witchcraft Traditions, but welcome men into the circle. There is some disagreement between the two traditions as to who came first.


Dianic Feminist Wicce

Was founded by Ann Forfreedom is another Dianic tradition that welcomes men into the Circle, but requires that all rituals be led by a Priestess.

ULC Seminary Dianic FAQ

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