A boline is a functional ceremonial blade used for any purpose that may require a sharp blade- cutting and harvesting herbs, cutting cords, ribbons, string, etc., carving symbols into candles and objects are a few possibilities. Traditionally the boline has a white handle, (it is sometimes referred to as the "white handled knife").

Bolines usually, but not always, have a single sharpened blade, which is often curved and may take the shape of a small sickle, the traditional crescent shape resembles one of the tools described the Key of Solomon(though it is not named a boline there). To some, this symbol symbolized the moon and thus a Lunar Goddess, or it may symbolize the the sickle given to Chronos by Gaia to use against Ouranos, or it may simply be a convenient shape for the harvesting of herbs and cutting of cords. Bolines may also curve backward, or take a more hook-shaped appearance as best suits the tastes of the practitioner.

The word Boline is pronounced BOW leen. The word may also be spelled Bolline.

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