Thursday is the day of Jupiter, named for the God Thor.

Most Germanic languages name this day for Thor or a God identified with him, including the Old Norse Þorsdagr and Danish Torsdag, Old English Þunresdæg, or Thunor's Day, Dutch Donderdag and German Donnerstag for Donar. One notable exception is Icelandic which names the day Fimmtudagur or "fifth day" following the example of Greece and some Christian religions who disagree with naming days after Pagan Gods.

Most Romance languages name this day for Jupiter or Jove including Spanish Jueves, French Jeudi and Romanian Joi. Portuguese is an exception, preferring to name the day quinta-feira or the "fifth day of celebration" in common with the Catholic liturgical calendar.

In India, Thursday is most often named Guruvar, meaning day of the Guru, reffering to Bṛhaspati, the deva-guru, or Guru of the Gods who is also identified with the planet Jupiter. Through its association with this Brhaspati, Thursday is considered an auspicious day to begin one's education or graduate.

Many Slavic languages refer to Thursday as the fourth day.

Thursday Magic and Spirituality

Many Polytheists like to do devotional rituals and prayers to different Gods each day. Thursday is a great day to focus your devotional practice on Thor, Jove, Zeus, Bṛhaspati, depending, of course, upon your personal pantheon.

Thursday is a good time to perform work related to general luck, leadership, promotion, public figures, authority, success, growing wealth, increasing notoriety and influence, becoming rich, material gain, awards, power over others, gambling.

Thursday is the planetary day of Jupiter and thus the moment of sunrise on Thursday begins the planetary hour of Jupiter. This is the perfect time to do magic that corresponds to the energy of Jupiter. If you can't make sunrise, the planetary hour of Jupiter rolls around every 8 planetary hours thereafter. (Do discover the length of the day's planetary hours, calculate the time between sunrise that morning and sunrise the next morning and divide by 24.)

Other Correspondences

Angel: Sachiel

Please see the article about the planet Jupiter. All correspondences related to Jupiter can resonate with its day, Thursday.

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