Sunday is the first day of the week according to the American and many ecclesiastical calendars and the seventh day of the week according to the most other calendars. It is a holy day for many Christians. It is believed that the Christ was resurrected on a Sunday. Sunday is sacred to Mithra and Sol Invictus.

In 321 Emperor Constantine declared Sunday Rome's official day of rest for all except those who work in agriculture, as he believed this day to be best for those activities due to its association with the Sun. Constantine was both a Christian and a devotee of Sol Invictus throughout his lifetime, becoming more Christian as he grew older before finally completing his conversion just before his death.

Sunday is the day of the Sun. The first hour of Sunday is the planetary hour of the Sun.

Sunday Correspondences

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Astrological Sign: Leo
Angel: Micheal
Incense: Lemon, Frankincense
Colors: yellow, gold, white
Plants and Herbs: marigold, calendula, sunflower, heliotrope, buttercup, cedar, beech, oak, cinnamon
Crystals and Stones: citrine, tiger's eye, amber, carnelian, quartz
Metal: gold
Gods: Mithra, Brigid, Helios, Apollo, Ra

Sunday Magick

Sunday is a good time to perform magick related to growth, advancement, enlightenment, logic, exorcism, healing and general health, money, growing business, earning a promotion, success in politics, popularity, prosperity, hope, anything related to the growing of plants/gardening and any undertaking supported by the energy of the sun

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