Monday is the first day of the week according to the International Standard Calendar used through much of Europe and the second day of the week (beginning Sunday) according to Christian, Jewish and Islamic calendars and the US calendar. Monday is traditionally the first day of the work week.

The name "Monday" comes from "moon's day". Monday is named "the day of the moon" in many languages. Old English Mōnandæg, Old High German mānetag, Latin lunae dies. Most Asian countries also follow this trend. Some languages such as Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian name it the "day after Sunday". The Greek Orthodox Church and Hebrew calendars refers to Monday as "the second day" in order to avoid using the Pagan originated name, Monday.

Monday is the day of moon and the first planetary hour of the day, beginning at sunrise, is the hour of the moon.

This is an excellent time to perform any magic that is supported by the energy of the moon or to honor your favorite Moon God/dess.

Some activities that correspond to Monday's energies include: women's issues, fertility, cycles, mysteries, hidden things, mothers and motherhood, ancestors, especially female, visions, dreams, psychic development, intuition, divination, pregnancy, menstruation, peace, compassion, healing, sleep, awareness, purification, clairvoyance, agriculture, animals, omens, reconciliation, theft, protection, home and hearth, healing, medicine

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