Friday, the end of the work week!

The word Friday comes from a Germanic word meaning "Freyja's Day" or "Frigg's Day". In Romance languages the name of the day is derived from the Latin dies Veneris meaning "Day of Venus". In India, the name for the day is taken from Sanskrit referring to the planet Venus and also in Japan the day is named for Venus. In most Slavic languages, the word used translates to "Fifth day" and in Portuguese it is "sixth day".

Friday Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Gods: Freyja, Frigg, Aphrodite, Venus
Color(s): green, pink
Zodiac Sign(s): Libra, Taurus
Angel(s): Ariel, Uriel, Rachiel, Sachiel

Superstitions and Omens Associated with Friday

Friday is considered a bad day to begin a journey, especially by sea.

Friday the 13th is especially unlucky for all enterprises.

However, Friday's child is loving and giving

And, Friday is a good time to plant root crops.

Magick on Friday

The hour that the sun rises is the best time to perform magick on a Friday, particularly any magic corresponding to Venus energy.

Friday is a good time for any magical work related to love and relationships, sex, fertility, beauty and improving the household.

It is also a good time for any activities related to improving the household, such as sewing curtains, shopping for household goods, cleaning. Also anything related to improving your appearance such as sewing clothing, shopping for clothing or visiting the salon.

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