The color yellow evokes lazy summer days, sipping lemonade under the warm sun, or walking on the beach in bare feet with a warm breeze lifting your hair. Yellow is a warm color and that represents the air element in Wiccan tradition. It is the color of the intellect; of thoughts, communication, creativity, logic and progress.

Wear yellow to be uplifted and to carry the warmth of the sun wherever you go. A yellow raincoat will brighten up a rainy day. Decorate with yellow to bring the sunshine into any dark, dreary room and to inspire a feeling of coziness and create an environment conducive to the amiable exchange of ideas.

Correspondences for the Color Yellow

Element: air
Planet: Sun or Mercury
Direction: East
Number: 3
Chakra: solar plexus
Day: Sunday or Wednesday
Tools: Wand, Sword, Athame
Feng Shui: Uplifting, bright, cheerful, cozy.

The Color Yellow in Magick

The energy of the color yellow supports magic related to communication, travel, astral projection, gaining knowledge, increasing understanding, harmony, spirit communication, protection, telepathy, faith, constancy, mental clarity, optimism.

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