The color white is clean and pure. It represents a clean slate, purity, innocence. White contains all the colors of the light spectrum and so represents completion, unity, ultimate wisdom. It is cold and clean and represents pure energy and endless possibility. It helps to create a calm atmosphere and creates a sense of cleanliness and order.

Correspondences for the Color White

Element: spirit, air
Direction: East
Day: Monday
Planet: The moon
Feng Shui: Healing, soothing the psyche, brightens the energy of other colors
White Stones: opal, moonstone, quartz, pearl
Gender: Feminine, Yin

The Color White in Magick

Use white in color magic for connecting to spirit, for final endings and new beginnings and for connecting with the Akashic records. Use white candles to represent the Goddess.

The color white can be used in spells to create poise and confidence, to aid mental clarity, find inspiration and clear mental clutter. The color white is also useful in purification and consecration ceremonies.

White can be substituted for any color.

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