The color silver is a reflective gray color, like the metal silver. Silver reminds us of the element of water and the moon as well as the reflection of a mirror.

Correspondences for the Color Silver

Element: water
Direction: West
Day: Monday
Planet: Moon
Feng Shui: North/Northwest (metal), luck with people and travel
Gods: Most Goddesses, Lunar Deities
Sabbats: Midwinter, Samhain

Using the color silver in Magick

Silver may be used in magick to represent the Divine Feminine and lunar energy and is useful in spells for feminine power, fertility, connection with the divine, psychic awareness, divination, dreams and dreaming, intuition, revealing the truth, finding lost things, victory, meditation, communications, and general luck, including gambling luck, reflection, especially related to exploring the true self, the True Will, your feminine side and your subconscious.

The color silver can be brought into your spellwork by choosing silver candles or candle holders, using a silver altar cloth, incorporating silver coins, or silver jewelry. If silver items are not available, the color white can be substituted for most cases.

Contemporary symbolism

Silver is the color of the 25th anniversary and the color of the second place winner. Silver also implies age (silver-haired), wisdom, experience.

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